Murray CODD

Murray CODD – The Return

Murray CODD (Coen’s Organ Donor Drive) was named after the famous fish that inhabits the upper reaches of the Murray River.

In 2010/2011, when Coen was only 13 and in need of a double lung transplant, he decided to jet ski the third longest navigable river in the world, The Murray River, to promote organ and tissue donation.  The jet ski ride took Coen over 2000 kilometres and 7 weeks to complete.  Along the way he had hours of treatments every day but still managed to inspire over 1000 people to sign onto the Australian Organ Donor Register. 

Coen is the youngest person to jet ski the length of the Murray River.  He received national media coverage.  Channel 10’s prime time show, The Project, followed Coen as he made his way down the river.

Coen received The Pride of Australia Medal for his achievements.

In 2014, at the age of 16 and after a double lung transplant, Coen jet skied back up the Murray River.  This was called Murray CODD – The Return.  This time he would jet ski upstream to return back to where he started 4 years and a different set of lungs earlier. 

He would attempt to do it in 7 days; instead of the 7 weeks it took him the first time.  Even the pro riders were not sure if that distance, given the restrictions of the Murray River, would be possible in 7 days.  Coen proved anything is possible with focus and a positive attitude.  He completed the jet ski ride in 7 days proving the difference a transplant can make to someone.

Coen says “My donor, my Hero”.  Without a donor and their family’s support Coen would not be living today, that makes every donor a Hero.  Talk to your family as they are the one’s to give the final OK should you be in a position to become a donor.  Sign onto The Australian Organ and Tissue Donor Register to confirm your wish to be a Hero.  






Organ Donor Facts

    * Australia has the lowest rate of organ donation in the world – ranked 17th.
    * On 2nd June there were 1,704 Australians waiting on a phone call to save their life.
    * 77% of Australians are willing organ donors but only 40% know the wishes of their loved ones.
    * 83% of Australians have either never discussed organ donation or only had brief discussions.
    * Less than 1 in 5 recall having a detailed discussion about donation decisions with loved ones.
    * Increasing the family consent rate is crucial to saving more lives.
    * In 2012, 354 organ donors gave 1,053 Australians a chance of a new life.
    * Only around 1% of people actually die in hospital in the specific circumstances where organ donation is possible.
    * In Australia the family will always be asked to confirm the donation wishes of the deceased before donation can proceed.

Help those waiting for a hero by signing up today – visit Coen’s become a donor page to find out how.