Coen’s Family

Meet the Family

Coen’s story is one that is lived by all of his family, a very tight, dedicated and loving family. Coen’s parents, Mark and Dawn and his six-year-old brother Kai take every step of the journey with him.

Last year they family had to relocated from Maryborough, QLD to Melbourne to wait patiently for Coen to have a double-lung transplant. “If we stayed at home and waited for the call we risked missing out because by the time we traveled the opportunity would have passed us by” said Dawn “This was a risk we couldn’t afford to take, so we relocated to Melbourne to wait.”
To manage the move and the financial constraints the whole family made a new home aboard their catamaran at the Docklands. However a months in the locals decided these Queenslanders shouldn’t have the endure a winder on the boat.
Every day Coen would have to leave the boat to head for the shower block, even on the days when he was really feeling unwell. The local community held a trivia night and the thousands of dollars raised allowed the family to move into an apartment, situated halfway between the Royal Children’s Hospital and the Alfred Hospital where he will be operated on when organs are available.
Coen’s family has witnessed firsthand the hope and joy a successful transplant can bring to a family when Coen’s aunty received a heart transplant some years ago. The joy they experienced when they learnt that their family member may well live a lot longer than was once expected is one that they still celebrate today.