Pride of Australia

Coen’s efforts in his work to raise awareness about Organ Donation hasn’t gone unnoticed – after being nominated in the 2011 Pride of Australia, he not only won Child of Courage Queenland, but also took out the National Child of Courage and the People’s Choice award, the first person to win all three. This just goes to show how Coen and his message has touched all of our hearts.
Coen was interviewed on Sunrise about his awards – watch the interview below.


Jet Skiing the Murray River

At just 14-year-old Coen decided he wanted to do something so raise awareness about organ and tissue donation and as a family we talked about some form of a trip, after a list that included camels, which his Mum said no too because they bite, spit and fart. His Dad suggested skiing the Murray River but Coen decided he would jet ski the length of the Murray River, the longest water way in Australia – something even the most healthy of people would fit a tiring feat.
And what does Coen say about it? “I’m just an average kid who tries to do what he can to help out and try to raise awareness for organ donation and anything to help others to get better.”
But that’s the thing, not every kids is suffer from Cystic Fibrosis or in need of a double lung transplant. The grueling trip took seven-weeks and covered 2000km jet-skiing  down the Murray River. Supported by his family and a range of sponsors Coen stopped off at towns along the spreading his message about organ donation.
During the mammoth ride, more than 1000 people signed up to become organ donors. But it did take its toll, with Coen spending months in an Adelaide hospital to recover from the trip.