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Coen thoughts on Organ Donation are “Everyone wants to be a hero, become an organ donor and you can be.”

The Australian Organ Donor Register is the only national register for individuals to record their decision about organ and/or tissue donation for transplantation.

The Donor Register is administered by Medicare Australia and provides Australians older than 16 years of age with a simple way of recording their donation decision (consent or objection).

The Donor Register can be accessed by authorised medical personnel 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to see if a person has a donation decision recorded. This information can be of use to medical personnel when they discuss the option of organ donation with a potential donor’s family.

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Tell Your Family You Wish to be a Donor

Did you know that by talking to your loved ones about your wishes to be an organ donor can ensure these wishes are carried out. Everyone has their own reasons for becoming a donor, and it is important that your family, partner and friends understand those reasons.

For more information about discussing the issue visit the Donate Life website.


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Still Deciding or Need More Information?

Deciding whether to be a organ donor is a big decision, and one that affects not only you but your family also. Explore these links available on the Donate Life website to learn more about organ and tissue donation.

Inspiring Stories

In this video below, Jess shares her story of needing and receiving a double lung transplant which is what Coen requires.