Waiting for my lungs

Posted on : Jun 04 2012

It’s been almost a year since we came to Melbourne.  When we came down we thought we’d be home in 6 months.  No one gave us a time frame, that was our guess.  We felt 3 months on the list and 3 months rehab would be the right sort of timing.

We ran a bet with all our family members.  Everyone was able to choose 2 weeks when they thought Coen would get the call.  We are going to have to have second round bet soon as everyone else thought we’d be home by now too.

At the end of very month is transplant clinic at The Alfred.  Bloods are taken so there is always fresh blood on hand for typing any possible donor lungs.  We meet with the transplant doctor, Glen Westal, who reviews what has happened in the past month (hospital admissions, medications,etc).  Coen asks Dr Westal the same question every month, “Can I have my eyebrow pierced?”.  He gets the same answer every time “NO”  Body piercing’s and tattoo’s are out for Coen due to a particular unusual bug in his lungs which could infect the piercing and risk transplant.  Very complex stuff!


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