Seabreacher Surprise

Posted on : Jul 12 2012

 What an experience!

Coen has been following a new Company for about 3 years now. He saw these Seabreachers on YouTube and became obsessed with them. At the time they were only in the States.  

At the Melbourne Boat show Coen was amazed to see a Seabreacher’s stand. It was the Seabreacher’s debut in Australia. Coen spoke with David Bell the Managing Director until David asked Coen if he’d like to be the first non-employee in Australia to sit in a Seabreacher. Coen had to be pried out after his Dad got sick of waiting!

2 days later we told Coen we were taking a friends boat out to go fishing. The boat was parked up in a bay and we were getting the fishing rods ready to throw in when the  Seabreacher that Coen had being sitting in at the boat show came porpoising out towards us.

The are no other words to describe Coen other than stunned. He just stood there watching as this Seabreacher raced around in circles, dived below the water and jumped out like a breaching whale.   It pulled up to the boat, the jet fighter style cockpit opened to David inside who asked Coen if he’d like ride.

Coen spent the next half hour porpoising, diving and jumping until David hit Coen with the ultimate. “Coen do you want to be the first person in Australia to drive a Seabreacher?”. After a lesson on the controls and 5 pillows to get Coen high enough and sitting forward far enough to reach the pedals he was off with David strapped in to the back seat totally helpless should Coen get into trouble steering.

It was one of the best experiences of Coen’s life. When the Seabreacher was finally out of fuel, Coen was willing to let it go back onto the trailer.  Channel 10′s The Project, a prime time news show has been following Coen’s story for 18 months since he began Murray CODD (Coen’s Organ Donor Drive). 

The Project had a film guy put on the boat with us through the day and had arranged a live cross to the show that night from the boat back at dock. Coen told them he’d been on ‘the list’ for 10 months and how he is spending his time waiting by doing things like riding Seabreachers!


Watch Coen’s interview on The Project below.















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