My Medications

Posted on : Jun 02 2012

Most Coen’s medications are oral tablets. Strangely, the number of medications have dropped in the past year. He was on 6 nebulisers a day at one stage but as things progressed he was not able to tolerate the nebulised ones.  

Below is a list of Coen’s medications:

  • Enzymes 25 000′s  -  Digestion
  • Omeporazole  -  Digestion
  • Prednisolone  -  Anti inflammatory
  • Azithromycin  -  Anti inflammatory
  • Hydroxychloroquine  -  Anti inflammatory
  • Periactin  –   Increases appetite
  • Ventalin  -  Open airways  
  • Nasonex nasal spray  -  Prevent nasal polyps
  • Vitamin A                                                     
  • Vitamin D

All the above medications are for Cystic Fibrosis.  Coen also has CFDR (Cystic Fibrosis Related Diabetes) which mirrors type 1 diabetes requiring insulin.  Added into Coen’s CF treatment regime is 6 blood sugars a day and working out the carbohydrate content of everything he eats so he knows how much insulin to have.


Physio is a major component of every CF’s life.  Coen likes to mix it up a bit with a combination of postural drainage (patting the chest), bubble PEP and PEP.  He finds postural drainage usually the most effective followed by bubble PEP.  PEP is usually something he has enough puff to do after a tune up.

Exercise is by far the best physio.  Coen goes to the gym 2-3 times and gets around on his scooter.  The good side to having a low lung function is that it doesn’t take much to do a big work out.





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