It’s been a year since…

Posted on : Feb 20 2014

It’s been a year since…

It’s been a year since Coen has had his transplant. To watch him as he learns to do things he can barely remember ever being able to do, such as running. You see, when he was 8 a very nasty infection landed him in hospital for 32 weeks out of 52 and caused irreversible damage to his lungs which eventually led to him needing a double lung transplant at such a young age.

Coen has had to learn to laugh again. Laughing would end up in violent coughing and then vomiting so he learnt to laugh by hissing which would slowly release the lung pleasure. One of the funniest things to watch as he practiced different laughs to see which he liked best. A total joy to watch as your child laughs at the slightest thing because he can and because he is trying to discover his true self.

Mentally Coen also had to learn to think a little differently. He didn’t have to plan how many stops and where he was going to lean against a table to catch his breath on the 15 steps from the bed to the lounge. It took him a long time to realise that he didn’t have to move slowly to conserve energy. He is still guilty of this at times.

The biggest difference since transplant is the normality in life.

For a while it felt like something was missing. Took a while to work it out. Coen was at home all the time! We were so used to Coen having hospital tune ups every couple of weeks when he wouldn’t be at home. He’d be gone for at 2 weeks. We’d visit him every day but he wasn’t at home when we were.



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